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Trip to LEGOLAND Helps Emmett Build Strength

Emmett wished to go to LEGOLAND

“ The trip was amazing. Emmett loved everything about his wish. ”

- Emmett's mom

Five-year-old Emmett has a lot of favorite things. He loves cheese pizza, skittles, strawberry lollipops and anything with a siren. When it comes to picking a favorite toy, nothing beats LEGOS®.

Though his list of favorites reads like many children’s his age, Emmett’s childhood has been much different than most. Emmett was diagnosed with cancer and has gone through many treatments, during which he has had to overcome significant challenges. Like every child with a critical illness, Emmett needed a wish to give him strength and hope. A trip to LEGOLAND was that one true wish for Emmett, and Make-A-Wish® was there to grant it.

JetBlue, a generous Make-A-Wish airline sponsor, flew Emmett and his family to LEGOLAND in Florida. As Emmett walked onto the plane, JetBlue crewmembers offered him a special greeting and gifted him a teddy bear, which became his prized possession throughout the trip. They also announced to all the passengers that Emmett was on his special wish trip to go to LEGOLAND.

“The trip was amazing,” Emmett’s mom said. “[He] loved everything about his wish. A highlight for him was staying at LEGOLAND Hotel in a super cool pirate room … as well as the time to spend with family in a warm and special place.”

Emmett’s wish to go to LEGOLAND with his family was more than just a vacation; it was a chance to get out of his daily routine of doctor’s appointments and make incredible memories with the people he loves most. When life gets tough, Emmett will always remember the wonderful days at LEGOLAND and look back and smile at the photos with his family.

That’s because wishes like Emmett’s have proven physical and emotional benefits that can help children with critical illnesses cope with and fight their illnesses.

“Emmett is an amazing kid. We all want Emmett, his family and all our Make-A-Wish families who go through these experiences to just, even if for a short period of time, forget about some of the struggles they have been through and just focus on being a family and having a great time,” said Robin Hayes, JetBlue President and CEO.

Join a caring community of people who help improve the lives of children battling critical illnesses. When a child like Emmett smiles, you’ll smile. See firsthand the power of a wish by helping a child take a wish trip. Donate airline miles or points , or contribute to Make-A-Wish in other ways.

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  • 58 million of Emmett’s favorite LEGO bricks make up the models at LEGOLAND
  • 3 relatives joined Emmett on his trip: His mom, dad and sister.
  • 1,200 miles were flown by Emmett and his family from Connecticut to LEGOLAND in Florida

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