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Subaru surprises Allayah with a French-inspired wish reveal

Allayah received a French-inspired wish reveal from Subaru
Since Allayah was a little girl, she has had a passion for fashion. She’s even developed a plan to fast track to a career as a professional fashion designer, who specializes in clothing for girls ages 8-12. However, while Allayah has big plans for her future, her health has had other plans.

A few years ago, her mom noticed that Allayah would frequently get very dark bruises and bloody noses. After a full examination, the doctor diagnosed Allayah with severe aplastic anemia, a blood disorder in which bone marrow and the blood stem cells that reside there are severely damaged.

Now Allayah spends hours with her sketchbook in and out of the hospital, drawing and creating new designs – helping keep her mind off her illness. Her one true wish is to visit Paris to be inspired by the culture, food and fashion. While she has always dreamed of visiting Paris, Allayah hopes that her wish will show her what it is like to be a clothing designer and participate in a fashion show.

While Allayah continues to build up her strength, her doctors say she isn’t quite ready to travel yet. So, Make-A-Wish® and partner, Subaru of America Inc., brought Paris to Allayah – with a French-inspired wish reveal. After surprising her at her home, Subaru escorted Allayah – complete in caravan-style – to the Wishing Place, Make-A-Wish Sacramento location, which was transformed to look like a Paris café. They went all out – inviting local fashion models, jugglers, a watercolor artist and even live-streaming a Paris fashion show.

It was a welcome relief from the daily challenges Allayah faces and a spark of inspiration to help her through some grueling medical treatments. “I actually told my family, this was a dream come true,” said Allayah.

Thank you, Subaru, for helping bring Allayah’s wish to life and helping her build excitement and hope for her life-changing wish.

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Don’t let the holidays pass without helping a child’s wish come true. Join Subaru and its Share the Love Event. From Nov. 14, 2019, to Jan. 2, 2020, when you purchase or lease a new Subaru, Subaru will graciously donate $250 to the customer’s choice of charities, including Make-A-Wish. Find a participating retailer and show kids like Allayah that anything is possible.

You can also support Make-A-Wish in other ways this holiday season: donate, fundraise, sponsor or volunteer your time. There is no limit to the love we can share. Here are more ways you can help.

Allayah’s wish will be granted through Make-A-Wish Northeastern & Central California and Northern Nevada.

  • David Frick from Subaru of America arrives at Allayah’s home with a big surprise.

  • Allayah and her parents are whisked off to her wish reveal in a Subaru.

  • They pass through a Subaru dealership, and employees line the street with signs, smiles and cheers.

  • With sparkly wands in the air, Allayah is given a warm welcome to the Wishing Place.

  • Local police officers who helped escort Allayah’s family to the Wishing Place join her and her family in the photo booth.

  • Local police officers who helped escort Allayah’s family to the Wishing Place join her and her family in the photo booth.

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Tracey Williams

I would like to volunteer and donate,

December 16, 2018 - 2:16 AM

Cindy Goldberg

That's great, Tracey! Thank you for your interest! Please visit for information on how to get involved with Make-A-Wish. There's something for everyone!

January 10, 2019 - 4:53 PM

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